Social Media

August 21, 2016

This time we are talking about social media. What is it? How do we use it? We discuss recent news about social media being used by school boys in the worst way. Guidelines for use (see raising Also what we like about being connected. 



July 23, 2016

We are talking today about all things GENDER. What makes someone male or female. Is gender important? Attitudes to gender at school. Intersex, transgender, cisgender, gender fluidity and non binary thinking. See more info at Transgender Victoria. 



July 9, 2016

Anne & Ella talk about gambling because the internet told us to.Pokies, scratchies and horse racing. See also: Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation; Youthline; Kids Helpline.


Rock ‘n’ Roll / Music.

July 7, 2016

We don't know much about rock 'n' roll, but we know what we like. With special guest, Imogen.  Today we talk about popular music, learning an instrument, performance, comedy song, video clips, free downloads and lyrics. See; Tim Minchin, Rock and Roll Nerd ; Toby Turner youtube ; Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, Ian Dury and the Blockheads. Ben Folds, Yes Man. 



June 25, 2016

Today we discuss food. Mainly lasagne and pancakes. Diets. Cooking and eating. Food on Instagram. Michael Pollen's show "Cooked" on netflix. "The Katering Show" on iview. MKR & Masterchef.  



June 11, 2016

Today we talk drugs and alcohol. What they are, why people use them. Decision making and illicit tea heists. 

See also - Australian Drug Foundation for stats on teen drug use.


sex is????

June 4, 2016

Ella & Anne talk about what sex is, who it's for and laws about sex. See also; Age of Consent Laws Victoria ; the La Trobe Report into sexual behaviours of students in Australian schools ; "Sex is like a cup of tea" on youtube. 


tidy and organised

May 29, 2016

Today Anne & Ella talk about being tidy and organised. Usb keys, diaries and lockers. Generation gap and tips for share housing. 



May 22, 2016

In this podcast Anne and Ella, talk about homework. Benefits, pitfalls, learning. 

See also "Free Schools" by David Gillespie. 

body image

May 13, 2016

Ella & Anne talk about body image. Kaz Cooke, tattoo nightmares , ink master & Pitch Perfect.